Diary Entries: #2


Today, a rare combination of weather, setting, and feeling:

Rain, splattering, throwing up drops after being spat around in the wind. My room a serene viewing hatch to watch the outside, smelling pleasant, looking pleasant, matching with the occupier. So rarely am I able to push the chronic anxiety away that pulls up a lead screen around me and stops me looking at the world. But in this moment I can, and I take hold of it greedily, taking a photo from where I sit on my bed.

The photo cannot capture it all, and I don’t expect it to. It cannot grasp the sharper lines, the depth in the clouds, the colour in the clouds, the flowers. Felt and comfort are lost in my mind’s eye when I appraise the shot. Maybe in future, though, I’ll see the photo again, and reminisce on the echoes of calm I tasted before the rain ended.




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